Funny Turkey Pictures Thanksgiving 2016 | Cartoon Thanksgiving Turkey Images 2016

Funny Turkey Pictures Thanksgiving 2016  : Get some amazing hilarious Funny Turkey Pictures, here we provide some best collection of funny thanksgiving turkey meme pictures. People are searching for funny turkey meme for thanksgiving USA. Thanksgiving day is celebrated for giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and the preceding year. After providing the thanksgiving day wiki and dates for United States, here we provide you the funny turkey pictures meme. Different dates for thanksgiving in different countries, in United States fourth Thursday is celebrated as thanksgiving day while in Canada it is celebrated on second Monday of October. Also Check : Happy Thanksgiving Wishes

Funny Thanksgiving Turkey Images 2016

Funny Thanksgiving Turkey Images 2016

Funny Turkey Pictures 2016 | Funny Thanksgiving Turkey Images 2016

Right now you’re probably slipping into a turkey/wine coma and looking for something to help you avoid more awkward political debates with your crazy Uncle Stu. I’m here to help. Go through the gallery to have a good laugh and look busy enough that your beloved family members might leave you the heck alone for five freaking minutes.

We will provide you the best collection of funny thanksgiving Turkey meme pictures for various social site for your loved ones and friends. We have collected the best turkey meme pictures for thanksgiving day below from the various search engines on the internet. Scroll below for Funny Turkey pictures meme, images and wallpapers.

Funny Turkey Pictures For Thanksgiving 2016

Funny Turkey Pictures For Thanksgiving 2016

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Funny Turkey Pictures Thanksgiving 2016

Funny Turkey Pictures Thanksgiving Cartoon 2016

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funny turkey pics images

funny turkey pics images

Funny Thanksgiving Turkey Images 2016

Funny Thanksgiving Images 2016


Funny Thanksgiving Turkey Pictures 2015

funny turkey pictures clip art

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Funny Turkey Pics For Thanksgiving 2015

funny cartoon turkeys


hilarious turkey pictures meme gif for thanksgiving

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eat beef funny turkey clipart image

eat beef funny turkey clipart image


Top Thanksgiving Turkey Jokes Funny Onliners

It’s unavoidable… Thanksgiving is here. It’s time to summon up all the courage in your body and face those family members and friends who you pretend to be thankful to have in your life (just kidding, Aunt Helen!). Funny Turkey Pictures

A lady was looking for a turkey but couldn’t find one big enough. She asked the stock boy, “Do these turkeys get any bigger?”
The stock boy replied, “No. They’re dead.”
Teacher: What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?
Student: I’m thankful I’m not a turkey.
Why did the turkey cross the road?
It was the chicken’s day off.


Who’s never hungry on Thanksgiving?
The turkey. He’s always stuffed.


Funny Thanksgiving Cartoon – Funny Turkey Hunting Pictures

thanksgiving turkey pictures 2016

thanksgiving turkey pictures 2016


Why did the turkey cross the road?
It was the chicken’s day off. Funny Turkey Pictures


“Oh, mother, I made myself a lovely dinner, but I had so much trouble trying to eat the turkey!” said the daughter.

funny thanksgiving turkey images

funny thanksgiving turkey images

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and the butcher is just locking up when a man begins pounding on the front door.
“Please let me in,” says the man desperately. “I forgot to buy a turkey, and my wife will kill me if I don’t come home with one.”
“Okay,” says the butcher. “Let me see what I have left.” He goes into the freezer and discovers that there’s only one scrawny turkey left. He brings it out to show the man.
“That’s one is too skinny. What else you got?” says the man.
The butcher takes the bird back into the freezer and waits a few minutes and brings the same turkey back out to the man.
“Oh, no,” says the man, “That one doesn’t look any better. You better give me both of them!” Funny Turkey Pictures

funny turkey pictures

funny turkey pictures

Why was the monster tickled when he ate the turkey?
He forgot to pluck the feathers.


What do you get if you cross a turkey with an evil spirit?
A poultry-geist. Funny Turkey Pictures


What do you get after eating way too much turkey and dressing?


Why shouldn’t you look at the turkey dressing?
It makes her blush.

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    Here’s a poem that’s a little bit quirky,
    It’s a poem about my Christmas turkey,
    It tells of all the trouble I had,
    The things that almost drove me mad.

    I should have known better when I bought it,
    As the farmer explained he’d only just caught it,
    But I just paid him for it, then went on my way,
    And I even stopped off to buy a new tray,

    When I got home I started to pluck it,
    It was a lot of agro but I had to knew I had to cook it,
    Then I couldn’t get the stuffing in,
    So I ended up putting that in a separate tin.

    I burned the remaining feathers off on the cooker,
    I honestly felt sorry for this poor little clucker,
    I figured I was just having a bad day,
    When I couldn’t quite squeeze it into the tray.

    I cursed and I banged and I made a right din,
    But in the end I managed to squeeze the bird in,
    I left it in for about half an hour,
    As I drank a can and had a shower.

    I went into the kitchen and all that I heard,
    Was the noise from the oven of this cooking bird,
    So I went to the fridge for another can,
    And as I drank it I regretted this day had began.

    I walked up to the shops and bought another crate,
    And ended up chatting to an old school mate,
    When I got back home the stench was hanging,
    And all I could hear was rattling and banging.

    I rushed in and opened the kitchen door,
    And oh you should have seen the mess on the floor,
    I was effing and jeffing as I slammed down the beers,
    And when some burst open I was nearly in tears.

    I cursed and shouted and punched the wall,
    Thinking this was my worst Christmas of all,
    I’d gone totally berserk by this stage,
    As I stomped on the bird in a vengeful rage.

    I’d wasted half the day trying to stuff it and pluck it,
    I thought to myself as I threw it in the waste bucket,
    So I sat down and got drunk and fell asleep for a while,
    And when I awoke, I woke with a sorrowful smile.

    I was sickened with regret, remorse and disgrace,

    Just wishing I’d been sober in the first place,

    Because I could have simply defrosted a chicken instead,

    And if I was sober I’d have known that the turkey wasn’t dead.

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